About us

Marmalade has produced completely unique jewellery from soft vinyl fused with coloured vinyls & foils for over 20 years. This is then lovingly transformed into playful contemporary designs. Whilst the work is visually delicate, light and easy to wear we strive to make sure that all products meet the rigorous demands of everyday life.

We are now branching out into another love of ours – font! All things lettering are coming your way.

Flexible vinyl sheeting is the main material that we use for all of our carefully constructed jewellery. It is an amazing material which is incredibly durable and can easily be transformed. The flexible vinyl is then combined with gold plated components to give the jewellery the quality which people expect. New ranges and colours ensure that Marmalade keeps up with the latest trends, yet maintaining a unique style.

Currently collaborating with www.gymnasticsgifts.co.uk to bring a fantastic range of cool & funky items for gymnastics life. Many items will appeal to more than just gymnasts so take a look here the brilliant range suitable for all ages.

All work is handmade in the UK with love and care.

gymnastics gifts born for various bag
gymnastics gifts born for various bag